E-Bike MTB

The E-Bike MTB SDURO AllMtn comes with a Yamaha engine which makes it in to a real mountain goat. Thanks to its features and performance, it is also safe downhill and at the same time a great fun ride.

2Cycle.fr eeride

has taken on the task, since 2015, to offer You plenty of freeride kilometers around and inside of Chefchaouen on the E-Bike MTB SDURO AllMtn.

True Enthusiasts,

looking for a radical ride and accept only driving machines with built-in off-road fun. Just like that?

Well then – There You go! It is time You took a closer look at the E-Bike MTB SDURO AllMtn. Its stunningly designed frame and crisply framed shape and size allows this bike to offer: strong as a bear, healthy, exciting and reliable drive.

2Cycle.fr eeride

offers You a ride with the E-Bike MTB SDURO AllMtn in Chefchaouen. YOU, the BIKE and Your GUIDE. Come and experience the diversity of the region with Your English and German speaking Guide who has local knowledge and guarantees the ride of a lifetime.

2Cycle.fr eeride is ready.


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