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The blue pearl in the green mountains which means "The two horns" in the Berber language. A surrounded by green mountain city, with blue alleys, arab tradition and andalusian ambience.

Nice to know

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Chaouen or Xauen

Various names for a small village situated in the Rif Mountain, not far from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta and the Straits of Gibraltar. Yes we are in Africa! We are in North Africa to be precise. Just a jump away from Europe (about 150 km as a straight line).

You don't need to visit many places in Morocco to realise that Chefchaouen is a special place. Marked by Andalusian influences this quaint village is not only widely visited by tourists world wide but is well known amongst the Moroccan population too. One and all come here to get away and recharge their batteries.

Chaouen which is painted blue is peaceful and refreshing. Blue conveys a lightness and invites You to dream and build on ideas and thought processes. Blue radiates calm, conveys trust and stands for communication. There is another reason it is painted blue. It is believed that the color blue will protect the village from "the evil eye" and ward off evil spirits.


A very warm welcome to Chefchaouen.
2Cycle.fr eeride go Chaouen.


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