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The blue pearl in the green mountains which means "The two horns" in the Berber language. A surrounded by green mountain city, with blue alleys, arab tradition and andalusian ambience.

E-Bike MTB

The E-Bike MTB SDURO AllMtn comes with a Yamaha engine which makes it in to a real mountain goat. Thanks to its features and performance, it is also safe downhill and at the same time a great fun ride.

Day Ride

Enjoy the mountains around Chefchaouen and get to know melodious places like Loubar, Kalaá or Azilane. For corporate short trips, for instance ride to the Spanish Mosque or perhaps just early Cruisin through the Medina of Chefchaouen.

Rif Ride

Experience the Rif Mountains. Others may enjoy organized, multi-day tours. We stay in a Gîte (Guest House) of the Rif Mountains where breathtaking views await You.

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